Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mission statement

Groucho-on-the Rye is a regular fortnightly network night for media people on the Peckham and Dulwich areas. Entirely informal, it aims to bring together freelance journalists, writers, editors, designers, web developers, photographers, broadcasters, TV and film people. The idea is simply to swap gossip and industry news, help resolve IT problems and generally be mutually supportive. It is hoped that this website will build as a resource for information, ideas and work, as people add their names, contact details and websites to the list of Grouchers (see right).

The fortnightly meeting dates rotate through the week, Mondays to Thursday so that people who have regular commitments can be accommodated, and they move around the area, so they are not always more convenient to some than to others. Everybody is welcome, staffers, too. No money changes hands and there are no formalities. Just turn up.

Groucho-on-the-Rye has a precedent in Groucho South-East in the Weald of Kent, which I ran for a few years before moving to London this summer.

–– Roger Williams
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