Monday, 23 June 2014

The future of Peckham...source of many stories

Lots of developments are being proposed -- and fought -- in Peckham right now. The Car Park (and Bold Tendency/Franks Cafe) has had a stay of execution for further research to show how it could be converted into a permanent cultural centre (vide the Midsummer Sibelius), the station is still in discussion, and Southwark is proposing a tower block that will blight the view of the city .

All these issues, and many more, are the concern of Peckham Vision, who are encouraging people to connect in to their flow of information in the following ways:

You can sign up for the roughly monthly summary email updates. Email

But news is posted on Peckham Vision Facebook pages, tweets, blog and website also as it happens. So you can follow whatever is most convenient:
* Facebook -
* Blog -
* Tweets -

The Facebook page is a good quick overview if you want to catch up quickly, and you can get at it directly through .

A good catch up for the Station Gateway issues which will feature heavily over the next few months is on the website:

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